22 de Agosto, 2013

Evolution (see+)

08 de Abril, 2011

Vibrate (see+)

24 de Abril, 2008

3 Generations joined together by art (see+)

27 de Julio, 2006

Another view (see+)

12 de Junio, 2004

Spiritual Register (see+)


Lic. Cecilia Maguire 2011

Claudia’s work shows evolution and development in the use of light and matter. It is visible in the different series. She manages to maintain the mystery of light as an important role together with the fragmentation of sketches and in it, the expressive language used by the artist.

In this opportunity the pictorial proposal explores abstraction. The structure of her work is one of dynamic nature, requires a sensitive spectator that can feel the impact of her lines, surface, colors and effects. The work presents an intense game of tensions between plastic elements and forms, both carriers of meanings which agglutinate and give meaning to other elements.

Claudia’s work provokes movement, extends and manifests freedom of expression with full colors and violent contrasts. In her paintings the gesture is amplified with interior impulse. There are no imaginary visions; she lets herself be carried by gesture, movement and matter to achieve a picture of potent strength, harmony, lights and shadows.

  2011 Lic. Cecilia Maguire