Claudia García Moritán



Through painting I express what life offers me constantly: crosses and puzzles; dilemmas. A meeting between destiny and me, and where I choose to stand while facing the pieces this destiny throws at me, sometimes in total disarray.

Thus, I paint some situations with overlapping and intersecting images, others that complement or fit perfectly, as well as explosions, which plunge me into the creative chaos.

My quest is that of light. I try to highlight the energy or life force that often through unexpected flashes, enlightens us, even in the darkest moments.

In all cases, the common denominator is the reflection of the light observed from different angles and shinning unexpectedly, exposing the known darkness.

Technically the idea is to show lights and shadows, shapes that overlap or complement each other as well as colors. But always, the main character is the material –silver leaves- which is the basis of my work.

These lights and shadows depend not only on my intention to confront them or hide them, but also on the observer, to whom I invite to play the game through choosing his or her location while facing the piece of work.

The final challenge is the light as a road itself and as a way to overcome all darkness.

Curriculum Vitae

Attended Workshops:

1973/76 Araceli Vazquez Málaga. Bs.As.

1978/80 Néstor Cruz. Bs.As.

1980 Escuela Municipal de Bellas Artes – Workshop - Pergamino

1987/89 Néstor Cruz. Bs.As

1993/94 Teresa Pereda. Arenaza, Lincoln

1995/97 y 2000/2009 Florencia Fernández Alonso. Bs.As.

1992 Second Price- Salón de Artistas Plásticos. Culture Municipal Direction of Pergamino. Declared of provincial interest.

2008 “The Pearls” Piece of art selected by Alfaguara Editorial for the cover of the book “A perfect queen” written by Inés Garland.



2013 Huellas  Art Gallery – Evolución – Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires. Review by Lic. Cecilia Maguire

2011 Huellas Art Gallery  – Vibra – Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires. Review by Lic. Cecilia Maguire

2009 Mosto & Rojas Arte

2008 Mosto & Rojas Arte

2007 La Posada, Martinez.

2006/2007 Mosto & Rojas Arte

2006 Galería Dharma – Otra mirada. A metaphysic vision…. Review written by Marisa Mosto

2004 Manufactura Papelera – Registro Espiritual, Legado de los Andes. This exhibit is a tribute to the andean world. Review by Fermín Févre.


2016 ART EXPO New York, Booth 180, AC Contemporary Art, New York, USA.

2015 Red Dot Art Fair, Latin American Art Pavillion, Booth E110, Acuarell Contemporary Art, Miami, Florida, USA.

2015 San Isidro Es Arte, CASI, Roque Sáenz Peña 499, San Isidro, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2015 Art Expo New York 2015, Acuarell Contemporary Art, Booth 349, Pier 94, Midtown Manhattan, NYC, USA.

2014 Emerge Art Fair, Acuarell Contemporary Art, Booth 210, Capitol Skyline Hotel, 10 Capitol South Street SW, Washington DC, USA.

2014 Galería de Arte Huellas, Expo Invierno y Artistas, Buenos Aires City. Argentina.

2013 Huellas Art Gallery, "Tribute"  Buenos Aires City.

2012 Stock Market of the City of Buenos Aires, 25 de Mayo 359, Central Hall ground floor, Ciudad de Buenos Aires.

2012 Marca País: Visión del Arte Argentino, Acuarell Arte and LZ Fine Art, Cremata Gallery, Miami, Florida, USA.

2012  Pan + Vino & Arte, Jockey Club, Salón Anasagasti, Ciudad de Bs.As, Argentina.

2012 Art San Diego. Contemporary Art Fair, Acuarell Arte, booth 16, Balboa Park Activity Center, 2145 Park Blvd. San Diego California, USA, San Diego, USA.

2012 Arteaméricas 2012, Acuarell Arte, Miami Beach Convention Center, Florida, USA.

2011 Galería Mosaik – San Isidro, Pcia. de Bs.As. Argentina.

2011 Pan + Vino + Arte, Salón Anasagasti – Jockey Club, Ciudad de Bs.As. Argentina.

2011 Arte Espacio, Darwin Hipódromo de San Isidro.

2011 Arteaméricas 2011, Acuarell Arte, Miami Beach Convention Center, USA.

2011 MIA – Miami Art Fair, Acuarell Arte, Miami Beach Convention Center, USA.

2010 Pan + Vino + Arte  Salón Anasagasti - Jockey Club, Ciudad de Bs.As. Argentina

2010 Galería Mosaik, San Isidro, Argentina

2010 Arte Espacio Darwin  – Hipódromo de San Isidro

2010 Expotrastiendas 2010 – Acuarell Arte – Sociedad Rural de Palermo, Ciudad de Bs As.

2009 Expotrastiendas 2009 – Acuarell Art Dealers, Centro de Exposiciones Ciudad de Bs.As.

2009 Arte SI, Multiespacio Darwin, Hipódromo de San Isidro

2008 Galería de Arte Mosaik – San Isidro

2008 Expotrastiendas 2008 Acuarell Art Dealers, Centro de Exposiciones  Ciudad de Bs.As

2008 "3 Generaciones Unidas por el Arte" with Patricia Dunsmore and Valeria Molina. H.Riedl Gallery, Galería de Arte Santiago de Chile, Chile

2007 Expoartistas, Centro Cultural Borges.

2007 Galería de Arte Mosaik  - San Isidro ˆ Argentina

2006/2007  Pintores Argentinos en Miami - Casa del Arte Miami Beach. USA

2006 Galería de Arte Mosaik  - San Isidro – Argentina. Important Art Collectors from Argentina, New York and París own their pieces.