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01 de Diciembre, 2015

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Marca país. Visión del Arte Argentino, en Miami. (see+)

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Marca país. Visión del Arte Argentino, en Bs.As. (see+)

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3 Generations joined together by art (see+)

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12 de Junio, 2004

Spiritual Register, Legacy of the Incas (see+)

Registro espiritual Legado de los Andes


 Legacy of the Incas

 The objective of this exhibition  is to recreate the spirituality of the Incas’ world to the spectator.

 The simplicity of the people and the magnificence of the temples are the passport to a magic place, filled with contrasts, lights and shadows where the sacred really touches you.

 Their culture, survivor of the colonization, lives today in the music, the rituals, the nature and the every day life of its people.  They remained  faithful to their past respecting the memory of their ancestors and the transcendent meaning of life. In every song, in every offering, they transmit their profound religion, making our souls vibrate when we connecting with that past time that is still present in the Andean vision.

The Incas were great builders and carriers of ancient beliefs and spiritual knowledge. Every year the new archaeological and anthropological discoveries reaffirm the greatness of their culture.

 The exhibition is an homage to the Andean legacy, to the myth and the unwritten story, that remains alive and today still  produces an effect on us.

 Claudia García Moritán 2004