22 de Agosto, 2013

Evolution (see+)

08 de Abril, 2011

Vibrate (see+)

24 de Abril, 2008

3 Generations joined together by art (see+)

27 de Julio, 2006

Another view (see+)

12 de Junio, 2004

Spiritual Register (see+)


Lic. Cecilia Maguire 2013

The exhibit consists of a series of paintings that uncover the inner world of Claudia Garcia Moritan, where the artist allows herself to develop pieces of great plastic and expressive content.

From fragments, colors and texture Claudia begins to create a relation of tension, where the viewer can experience a different reading in each piece of art. "Evolution" is a proposal that is built through abstract forms where fragments break off and on the same way are tied back together, flourishing the idea of ​​accumulation and reprinting of forms.


To describe the expressive qualities of the artist would be to tell the story of the different exhibits where Claudia has proven her talent, her expressive qualities in plastics resources, lights and shadows, backgrounds, color treatment and textures building a pictorial language from which the creative act becomes possible.

"Alpha", "expansion", "Mandala" are works of art that are crossed by the movement, evading traditional notions of perspective and that is where the creative moment occurs. When the lines go in and out of the plane causing a certain optical game mode that as a kaleidoscope introduces us into the depths of the image, making us accomplices in the internal movement emanating from each piece, responding to the new language of the soul of the artist.

Lic. Cecilia Maguire