22 de Agosto, 2013

Evolution (see+)

08 de Abril, 2011

Vibrate (see+)

24 de Abril, 2008

3 Generations joined together by art (see+)

27 de Julio, 2006

Another view (see+)

12 de Junio, 2004

Spiritual Register (see+)

3 Generaciones Unidas por el Arte

Through their work, artists explore and immerse themselves into the ambiguous sensation of belonging to the community.

The art is related to the mysteries of life and stimulates feelings sometimes antagonistic as piety, pain, rejection, joy.

Facing contemporary art the viewer sometimes feels a distance. Doesn’t understand that presented in front of him, doesn’t comprehend, mumbles his uneasiness ... While facing other works, he can share the same feelings presented by the artist, sharing also their differences. The aesthetic pleasure is presented as something non-distant as something seizable, palpable.

We present 3 argentine artists that besides producing aesthetic pleasure generate and consolidate their belonging to the community:

Patricia Dunsmore with her fabrics in permanent movement and her curious pencil, Claudia García Moritán, artist of almost metaphysical stillness and Valeria Molina with her youthful expressive disregard, are examples of different aesthetic postures. But the three united uncover powerful expressiveness, irreverent use of color and seriousness towards the job of doing. All of this sustained by a solid academic formation and long hours of workshop.

Teresa Rojas

April 2008